Books · August 30, 2022

Ameer Hona Aapka Adhikar [Riches Are Your Right] [Hindi]


What do you envision when you think of having a rich life? Do you see yourself rolling in money? Do you see yourself in the pink of health?  Maybe you just want to be happy… Or maybe you imagine possessing everything you’ve ever wanted.

The rich, abundant life that you desire is within your reach. In riches are your right, one of the most powerful self-help guides, Dr. Joseph Murphy elucidates powerful practices and techniques for overall well-being and boundless success. Such techniques, such as praying, autosuggestion, practicing positive affirmations, and minding our words and thoughts, will bring about results, helping one achieve a life of prosperity.

This edition has two more inspiring bookshop to prosper and three steps to success. From discussing the law of abundance, to narrating how to realize anything you desire, the methods listed in this edition, and their practical applications, will prove to be sure-fire ways to live the rich, abundant life you want, that you deserve. Read More